3 Reasons Why Jake Burger is Huge for the South Side

In addition to having a kick-ass name and Twitter handle, Jake Burger (@Burgatron13) is an outstanding ball player and a great pick for the White Sox. Burger will be added to a laundry list of fantastic prospects in the White Sox system. Here are a few reasons why his signing was a big step for the White Sox rebuild:

1. MONEY – Burger signed for 3.7 million dollars, which is $700,000 less than the typical 11 spot in the draft. This saved the White Sox a good deal of money which the White Sox will use to pay players who they picked later in the draft. Our second round pick Gavin Sheets (1B) out of Wake Forest became MUCH more affordable because of this strategy pick by the White Sox. Good news.

2. HITTING JACKS – The Sox scooped Burger because he can hit BOMBS. I mean, the kid hit 48 dingers in three seasons with Missouri State. With the exception of last year with Zack Collins, the Sox don’t tend to draft anyone in the first round other than good pitchers and consistent base knockers. The Sox future in 2019-2020 lacks sluggers and if everything goes as planned, Burger can come up and bat 2nd, 3rd or 4th on that team. The White Sox and Jake Burger know that he was drafted to hit dingers, it’s just a matter of if he produces or not.

3. ON-BASE PERECENTAGE – The entire future of the White Sox has a ton of great pitching, but isn’t quite as strong in offensive production. Jake Burger fills this gap. Burger hit a shocking .339 and had an OBP of .420 with Missouri State. The kid walks more than he strikes out, so his consistency to get on base will be a huge asset for the team. The Sox were looking for someone who could work the count, be smart in the batters box, and mash baseballs. And thats exactly what they got.

Overall, I really like this draft pick from the Sox. Rick Hahn really likes the guy and he seems to be fitting well within the organization thus far.

Bottom line: The future is bright. #TrustTheProspects


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