Over the years, the Chicago White Sox have had their fair share of players take part in the All-Star Game Final Vote. In fact, the team’s had the most nominees out of any Major League club with 11. We decided to turn back the clock and take a look at some of the past White Sox Final Vote campaigns.

2002 – Magglio Ordonez

In its inaugural season, Magglio represented the Sox in this two day voting event. He finished in fourth with 179,951 votes behind Eric Chaves, Jim Thome, and the winner, Johnny Damon.

2003 – Frank Thomas

The Big Hurt made his first appearance on the Final Vote ballot but just fell short. Boston won for a second straight season, this time with their captain, Jason Varitek, receiving 3.2 million of the total 10.8 million votes.

2004 – Frank Thomas, Paul Konerko

In a very interesting Final Vote year, the White Sox had two players on the ballot. Coincidentally, they are two of the greatest players to ever where the black and white. Frank took second place and Paulie finished right behind him in 3rd, both falling to New York’s Hideki Matsui. Now, we can argue and say the votes were split with Sox fans having to decide between two all-star players. We’ll never know what would have happened if only one Sox player appeared on the ballot that year.

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2005 – Scott Podsednik (Won)

In the magical 2005 season, Scotty Pods dominated the American League with 3,965,473 votes to overtake players like Derek Jeter, Torii Hunter, Hideki Matsui, and Carl Crawford. On the opposite side, Roy Oswalt won for the National League. Both players went on to face each other in the series, but only one drank the champagne.

2006 – A.J. Pierzynski (Won)

A.J. helped the White Sox make their fifth straight appearance on the ballot and second straight victory. He beat Francisco Liriano, Travis Hafner, Justin Verlander, and Ramon Hernandez with a whopping 3.6 million votes.

2008 – Jermaine Dye

Jermaine Dye’s strong 2008 playoff season wasn’t enough for him to earn a Final Vote victory. He finished in second, losing to Evan Longoria.

2010 – Paul Konerko

Former White Sox OF Nick Swisher won in 2010. In his second appearance on the ballot, Paul Konerko finished in fourth place behind Michael Young and former White Sox 3B Kevin Youkilis. Konerko’s “Pauliewood” campaign still has to be one of the most memorable Final Vote campaigns in White Sox history.

2011 – Paul Konerko (Won)

After the “Pauliewood” campaign didn’t get the job done, the White Sox switched up the slogan to “Paul-Star” for 2011. This time it worked, as the captain of the South Side received 8.4 million votes of 50 million votes.

2012 – Jake Peavy 

This one will make some Sox fans smile. In case you forgot, Jake Peavy was a man on the roster and a pitcher in our rotation. He had quite the 2012 season, but finished dead last in the Final Vote. He lost to Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers. However, Peavy eventually went on to make an All-Star Game appearance after some roster changes to the American League team.

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2014 – Chris Sale (Won)

The one and only, Chris Sale, became the fourth White Sox player to win a Final Vote in what was his third All-Star Game selection. The ace took down Garrett Richards, Rick Porcello, Corey Kluber, and Dallas Keuchel in an all pitchers American League Final Vote.


With a lot of talent down in the farm system, don’t be surprised if a few more Sox players make their way onto the Final Vote ballot in the coming years and bring home another victory or two. The future will surely be an exciting time for All-Star voting on the South Side.