Chicago White Sox: Open For Business

There is one week left until the trade deadline. Will the Sox be making one more move before July 31st?


Short Answer: Probably.


Long Answer: Well, the White Sox have a lot of talent left in their lineup that has some trade value. Of those, Anthony Swarzak and Melky Cabrera are among the most rumored to be traded by the deadline.

The market for good and consistent relievers is growing in value, and teams that still think they have a shot at the playoffs will likely come to us for a pitcher like Anthony Swarzak. His contract expires at the end of the year so instead of resigning at the end of the season, it wouldn't surprise me to see him go to a team like the Washington Nationals, or a similar team with a struggling bullpen.

On the other hand, Melky Cabrera is a little less likely to leave the Sox by the deadline. Outfielder trade value isn't as high as it was at the start of the season meaning that the White Sox wouldn't get the returns they would necessarily want for a guy like Melky. Additionally, the White Sox would have to pay the majority of his 15,000,000 salary before they traded him, which the Sox would probably be reluctant to do considering the subpar returns we would likely receive. Its still possible, however, that Melky gets traded to a another club by the deadline, but significantly less likely than Swarzak.


Regardless, the White Sox are still looking to expand their minor league arsenal, and another trade could make all the difference.

Bottom line: don't be surprised to see another White Sox player be moved by the trade deadline.


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