Hawk Harrelson: The Cubs Worst Nightmare

Ever since Ken Harrelson called out John Lackey on his "BS" after hitting four batters in the Sox-Cubs game on Tuesday, Cubs fans have criticizing The Hawk's style of announcing. They've called him out for various critiques like his alleged "lack of professionalism" and "poor representation of his ball club."

Ken Harrelson has been with the White Sox for 33 seasons. Hawk started in the booth for the White Sox in 1982, but left in 1986 to pursue a General Manager job for the White Sox, only to soon return to the mic. His allegiance to the club is unquestionable, and that's what really gets under Cub fans' skin. Hawk's passion for the White Sox organization is why so many fans came to his defense after the North Side's fans began criticizing him for being over the top. Hawk is the morale leader for the team, and his emotion fuels the fans, which is why he is such an asset to the organization. Nothing gets the South Side quite riled up like hearing Hawk scream "Mercy!"

Hawk also has no shame in keeping players and umpires accountable for their in-game actions. For example, Jose Quintana threw a pitch behind Tampa Bay's Ben Zobrist back in 2012. Immediately following the pitch, Quintana was ejected by the home plate umpire, Mark Wegner, without a previous warning. Hawk famously exclaimed "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WEGNER?!" Calls like this remind Sox fans of Hawk's loyalty and spirit, and keep our morale high.

Fast forward to today. The White Sox have the worst record in the American League and are in the middle of an all-out rebuild. The Crosstown Cup is the most anticipated series of the year for both sides, and the White Sox are craving for life in a lifeless season. After excited White Sox fans terribly witness Jose Abreu get hit for the second time, Hawk retaliates and says, "Enough of that, Lackey! Enough of that BS!" Sox fans at home were likely saying the same thing to their TV's as no warnings or ejections were issued after each HBP by John Lackey. Hawk stepped up and said what he thought needed to be said to maintain the emotion that is invested in this series.

Was it over the top? Yes. Is that why we love Hawk Harrelson? Yes.

Cubs fans are just going to have to suck it up and deal with the powerful passion of Hawk Harrelson and Chicago White Sox fans. Case closed.

  1. len kasper cried and is a beta back bitch



  2. Well said> Hawk will sorely be missed



  3. Get that man a Kansas City Special!!!!



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