Photographer Chris Tejeda’s Top 10 Photos of the Season

White Sox influencer and sports photographer Chris Tejeda is well-known for his great shots that are featured across social media. He is easily recognized by his handle on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (@FotoGenocide_). Since he has so many great photos from this past season, we tried to do the impossible and select his top ten. With the help of the Sox On 35th Crew and Chris, himself, we selected these ten photos as the best of the best from the 2017 season.

10. Rounding the Basesimage1 (1)

9. Locked InDH8PAHJWsAASET7.jpg

8. Patriotism image1 (5).jpeg

 7. Reynaldo image1 (6).jpeg

6. The Golden Hourimage1 (3)

5. The Trifectaimage1

4. Fireworksimage1 (2)

3. ChicagoDKXQe41U8AAJzn3.jpg

2. Homeimage1 (7)

1. Deuces from YoYoimage1 (8)

Follow Chris Tejeda on social media (@FotoGenocide_) to see more of his work. For business inquires, contact him at


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