Danny Photography’s Top 20 Pictures of the 2017 Season

Many fans can attest to the fact that the Chicago White Sox have some of the most talented photography contributors in Major League Baseball. While it may be easy for South Siders to be a little biased, it’s hard for many people to disagree with the statement. Danny Photography is among the popular photographers the fan-base is so familiar with as his work is featured regularly by the White Sox on social media. If you don’t recognize him by his name, then you’ll most likely know him through his photos. Below are Danny’s top shots from the 2017 season as well as his story behind each.

Moncada-5“Spring Training, I was ready to leave Camelback when I saw Yoan and his son walking toward me.  I immediately grabbed my camera and captured this moment that essentially started the movement of #MoncadaMondays and being able to connect with Robinson for his headshots, and Yoan in Boston.  This photo is also in the hallway of Yoan Moncada’s LA home.”

Moncada-10“This was one of my favorites from Spring Training, Moncada hitting a home run against the Angels.  I have blown this up and in my work space at home.”

FieldDay2017-67“This was during a field day for families and fans, I was able to go inside the clubhouse and capture this once in a lifetime photo.”

Sunday717-4“Avisail Garcia’s second homer during a Sunday Funday!  I have used this photo to create a hilarious Big Head which Garcia himself reposted!”

Bo Jackson
“Bo Knows Hugs, one of my favorites from Soxfest.”

“Cabrera giving Yolmer plenty of love and gum after his home run!”

“Over the season there have been plenty of homers; capturing this scoreboard shot was as lucky as it gets!”

“Hanson was hiding in the shadows during pre-game batting practice. I was able to capture this and it has become one of my favorites of him, he will be missed!”

Opending Day SP
“Opening Day, Southpaw was camera ready!  This was one of my first photos of the actual season, I knew it was going to be a good one.”

“During a rain delay, I believe during opening week. It was pouring and I took this sitting next to the dugout.  Turned out to be one of my favorites for a while!”

“This was Uncle Ricky after his first win as the manager of the Chicago White Sox.”

“I had the honor of being at Luis Robert’s press conference and first pitch ceremony.  This was taken while he was being introduced to give out the first pitch.”

“This was the slide that created an error and gave Willy an inside the park home run!”

“These two always had something cooked up before a game.  During this game, it was the classic wrestling moves!”

“There were quite a few plays Tim Anderson made throughout the season that were worthy of this, but this one was clean and perfect!”

“This was one of those moments where everything happens perfectly. This was during a post game interview with Siera Santos and Willy decided it was time to get the ice bath going early!”

Soxfest 2.jpg
“Yoan Moncada is introduced during Soxfest as the newest member of the South Side.”

“I had the honor to photograph Matt Davidson and his amazing family this year. This was one of my favorites and I was so appreciated by their kindness and amazing gratitude they shared for me.”

“This was an honor as I photographed at Fenway Park in Boston.  The Chicago Grey’s are an instant classic and of course, it’s Yoan Moncada!”

Soxfest 1
“This was taken as Jose Abreu gave a high five to some of the future fans of the South Side during SoxFest. The reaction is worth having this photo be one of my top of 2017.”

Be sure to follow Danny on social media to see more of his awesome work! He can be found on Instagram (@dannyphotography), Twitter (@BuenProvechoPai), and on Facebook. For business inquires and more information, visit his website  www.dannyphotography.org.

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