Die-Hard White Sox Fan Creates the Ultimate Jerseys

With the rebuild progressing nicely and the farm system loaded with talent, White Sox fans have all the reason to be excited about the future. The dreams of a deep playoff run seems to become more of a reality each day as the highly touted prospects continue to develop. One fan who can hardly contain his excitement is Bobby Knapp. If you look up die-hard White Sox fan in the dictionary, Knapp’s name would most certainly be there. “I have been a White Sox fan since I was about 3 years old. I have grown into a die-hard fan throughout my life and it means more to me than anything. I get chills just talking about the White Sox.”

During the 2017 season, Knapp wanted to show off his faith in the future. “I feel like the rebuild is going in a potentially very special zone. Rick Hahn has done wonders with this process and has made critics jump out of their own shoes with some of the prospects he’s acquired through a select amount of trades. As a die-hard fan who bleeds black and white, this means absolutely everything.” To show his support for the rebuild and young prospects, Bobby created a one of a kind jersey that can be seen pictured below.

When asked how this idea for the jersey came about, Knapp’s response was simple. “I decided one day that I officially wanted to attempt to welcome all of the new prospects to Chicago with open arms, and show them how much faith myself and the rest of Sox nation have in them to take the White Sox back to sacred ground.” Despite there being so many top prospects to chose from, Bobby had a plan when deciding which names to include on the jersey. “I wanted the first jersey to show most of the big grouping of players from the Red Sox and Nationals’ trades because that’s what signaled the rebuild process. I also made sure to include Robert and Jimenez because like Moncada, Kopech, Giolito and Lopez, this entire group were the headliners of our franchise moving forward.”

Just recently, Knapp posted pictures of a brand new jersey on social media. This time, more of the prospects Sox fans are becoming so familiar with were featured.

“I recently just made jersey number two and included the other prospects that I wasn’t able to add on the first jersey. I had so much incredible feedback and made the White Sox post-game show the night I debuted the first jersey in September! I had fan requests and everything to bring out the second jersey and I had the same interest in eventually adding more.”

Sox fans aren’t the only ones who are taking notice of Bobby’s jerseys. Several of the prospects whose names are featured on the back have interacted with his posts. “Eloy Jimenez liked the tweet, retweeted it, and added a flex emoji on the night of the first jersey’s debut,” Knapp said. “Dane Dunning also retweeted the post and recently Jake Burger liked pictures of the newest jersey. I’m not sure what other prospects on the jersey have actually seen it; hopefully all of them by now and hopefully they all truly like it!”

There’s no doubt Knapp’s jerseys are some of the most creative ones that you will see at Guaranteed Rate Field. Next time you’re at the ballpark, be sure to keep an eye out for them (they shouldn’t be too hard to miss). When asked if there might be a third jersey in the works, Bobby responded, “I absolutely plan to eventually make a third “Next Sox” jersey, potentially a different color.” However, this isn’t the only idea that Bobby has in mind. “I also have had plans to make a Manny Machado jersey and try to start my own recruiting process for my team, my fans and my city. You all heard it here first so nobody steal my idea please,” he jokes.

If you would like to stay up to date on Bobby’s jerseys, be sure to give him a follow on Twitter at @BigHurtKnapp35

  1. Debora Marchese January 16, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    My son the super sox fan. It’s no wonder he just got his degree from Lewis University in Mass Communications. He lives and dreams sports.



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