This Week in White Sox Baseball: August 27-September 3

Week 21 Record: 6-2 (56-82 Overall), 3rd in AL Central

After a third consecutive winning week – this one the most impressive of the bunch – the White Sox launched their way back into third in the AL Central. FiveThirtyEight projects the White Sox to finish the season 66-96 at this current pace. Let’s look back at a week filled with some timely hitting and solid starting pitching.

Weekly Score Update

Game 131: White Sox 6, Yankees 2 | Box Score

Game 132: White Sox 4, Yankees 5 | Box Score

Game 133: White Sox 4, Yankees 1 | Box Score

Game 134: White Sox 4, Red Sox 9 | Box Score

Game 135: White Sox 6, Red Sox 1 | Box Score

Game 136: White Sox 1, Red Sox 6 | Box Score

Game 137: White Sox 8, Red Sox 0 | Box Score

Game 138: White Sox 4, Tigers 2 | Box Score

This Week by the Numbers

35 – Number of Years Hawk Harrelson has spent in the White Sox organization

6 – Wins (in 13 games) against the Red Sox and Yankees combined this season

.294 – Yolmer Sanchez’s AVG this week in 8 games

3.86 – Lucas Giolito’s ERA in 6 August starts

22 – Consecutive games Yolmer Sanchez has reached base

14 – Consecutive games Yoan Moncada has reached base

0 – Number of times I’ve worried about Yoan Moncada this week

Quote of the Week: Hawk’s Farewell Speech

Lou Gehrig was sick and he knew it. He said today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I know how he felt. I’m standing here right now, Lou, on my White Sox field, and I think I finally understand how you felt because I feel exactly like you felt. I feel like I’m the proudest man and the luckiest man on the face of the earth, and I’ll tell you why.

When you take a man’s money, you take a man’s money. When you take a man’s time, you take a part of his life. I want to thank you all for giving me 35 years of your time.’’

I encourage you to listen to the entire speech here.

Like him or hate him, Hawk has made a long-term impact on every White Sox fan’s TV experience for as long as they can remember. I grew up listening to Hawk; I mimicked his calls, and grew up feeling the same passion for this team that he has had for 35 years. I’m sure many of you can say the exact same thing. There’s been no greater joy for me than to see his enthusiasm every day. Yes, he is a homer, and I LOVED it. Why? Because I’m watching a White Sox broadcast, not a generic, unbiased broadcast. I want the broadcaster to feel what I’m feeling; Hawk was that person.

And, sure, he’s crazy. He’s compared Todd Frazier to Kris Bryant and talked about Yaz like there’s no tomorrow. But the sort of character he brings to the booth will never be forgotten. Yet, it will forever go unappreciated by those who refused to see past him as a homer. I really feel Hawk is going to be someone you don’t realize what you’ve had until he’s gone.

Jason Benetti is AWESOME, and he is the perfect guy to be replacing Hawk in the booth. Yet, it’s bittersweet. Hawk said it best: when he leaves the booth for the last time in a few weeks, a part of our life walks out with him. It will be a part of your life you don’t always realize is missing, but when you yell “He Gone!” after a big strikeout in the 2020 playoffs, the memories will come rushing back to you.

So, thank you Hawk, thanks for all the memories, laughs, and analysis along the way. White Sox fans will never forget what you’ve done for us. You can put that on the board.

Question of the Week: Status Update on Giolito’s Season

Lucas Giolito has been DEALING in August; he had a 3.86 with a .191 opponent batting average in the month. His 2-seamer is effective, his changeup is nasty, and he is showing the poise to work out of jams. So, knowing all this, I asked fans to grade his season now:

4% A

50% B

42% C

4% D/F

I’m really not sure how people are still voting D/F. However, I’m happy to see 54% of fans are seeing his season thus far as above average.

Look, I get his first half started off HORRIBLY, no one is denying that. But to look simply at the stats is to ignore what progress he has made. You have to watch the games to see how much better he’s been. He looks like he’s competing now, where he looked lost very early on this season. I would argue that at times in August Giolito looked better than he did even at the end of last season. This season isn’t a loss for him, nor is it “asinine” to give him a B.

My Answer: (B-) + (A) = B+/B

Player of the Week

Thanks to everyone who voted! Congratulations this week to Second Half Comeback Player of the Year Lucas Giolito! He threw 6.1 innings of 1 run baseball against the best team in baseball this week. He gave up 2 hits, walked 2, and struck out eight. Honorable mentions this week to Yolmer Sanchez and Adam Engel, who has really turned it around recently.

Moment of the Week

After the voting, this one should really be called “Moments” of the Week. Because while the fans voted for the AWESOME week the White Sox had against the Yankees and Red Sox, where they could’ve realistically swept both teams, this week was filled with awesome moments. From Hawk Day, to “The Ryan LaMarre Game”, to Daniel Palka and Matt Davidson’s heroics today, this White Sox team has been a ton of fun this week – this month even. It’s a nice glimpse of what’s to come….

The Week Ahead: The Long Homestand Continues

Tuesday: Lucas Giolito (10-9, 5.66 ERA) vs. DET Francisco Liriano (3-9, 4.96 ERA), 7:10 CT

Wednesday: Michael Kopech (1-0, 0.82 ERA) vs. DET Jordan Zimmerman (6-6, 4.22 ERA), 7:10 CT

Thursday: OFF DAY

Friday-Sunday: Series vs. Angels… Starters TBD

Have a great week, White Sox fans!

Featured Photo: Chicago White Sox (@whitesox) / Twitter


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