White Sox Announce SoxFest 2019 Attendees

With SoxFest 2019 just around the corner, the White Sox released a list of those who are scheduled to attend. Additional special guests will be announced closer to the convention, the team says. To start, here’s a list of players and coaches from the current team that fans can expect to see:

Several big name prospects will be in attendance too:

In addition, a number of broadcasters, Hall of Famers, and special guests will be there:

Since 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of “The Catch,” Wise will be celebrated with an exclusive SoxFest 2019 bobblehead (pictured below) that is offered to fans who have secured a two-night SoxFest hotel package.


The 27th annual SoxFest will be held from January 25-27 at the Hilton Chicago. For more information about the fan convention, visit whitesox.com/SoxFest.

Featured Photo: Chris Tejeda / @FotoGenocide_

  1. I need that bobble



  2. I have to confess I was a equipment salesman for a construction Manufacturer I was at the demolition of the old Comiskey park I was in town to attend my dad’s ‘funeral and wake He was a life long avid Sox fan since 1949. It was 1991 I slipped into the CELL under construction with my dads ashes in a box I buried them in short left field scattered them in sub soil So forever he could watch his Beloved Sox .. He has a photo of himself in left field bleachers game 4 1959 world series he is 4 rows back standing next to Priest as Al Smith gets doused with Beer… He saw it all happen and actually met al smith at a Shriners golf outing many many years later .. He is George w Lunt 1914 1991



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