Screensaver Sunday – Volume 1

“Podsednik hits one to deep right center field, back at the wall… THIS BALL IS GONE!”

This call from Joe Buck still sticks with many Sox fans today. Scott Podsednik, a key member of the 2005 World Series team and fan favorite because of his perfect fit to the “Ozzieball” style of play, is our first feature for Screensaver Sunday. A speedy, hard-working, all contact, no power, hitter cranked a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 9th against one of the premiere closers at the time in Brad Lidge. No one would’ve expected a player who hit a whopping 0 home runs before the 2005 Postseason to put one over the fence during this plate appearance. This solidified “Scotty Pods” as an all-time favorite for White Sox fans for years to come. This graphic was made to show the dramatics and pandemonium during this moment in Sox history. Fireworks, emotions let loose, and the iconic fist pump from Pods.

Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox

Shout-out to @Pcengrat on Twitter, for requesting this graphic! If you have an idea for a design that you would like to see, reply in the comments below or tweet at myself @b_son4 or our main account @SoxOn35th. I will be putting out a new screensaver on select Sundays throughout 2019 so stay tuned!

Featured PhotoNBC Sports Chicago

  1. I was there for that game. Surreal. Instead of the usual flood of people scurrying out of the stadium to join the traffic mess, people just stood at their seats high-fiving one another and dwelling on the moment. I guess the bitterness about the recent years stems in part from the unlikely turn of fate and success of the team in 2005.



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