2019 White Sox Spring Training Caps Unveiled

Major League Baseball released their 2019 Spring Training cap collection on Monday. Among the most notable changes to this year’s caps are the materials from which they are made. Per Chris Creamer, “HexTech” performance fabric will be replacing last year’s “ProLight” material, which was designed to be a lighter polyester material from year’s past. As for the logos on the caps, the White Sox are among the many teams whose logos are very similar to what was used last spring. Here’s a look at what this year’s designs look like:

Classic Black/White


1983 Red/White/Blue


As you can see, the “Batterman” logo is back for another season in both black and white and the 1983 red, white, and blue colors. The new materials of this year’s cap are obvious as the logo doesn’t have the shiny look that it had last year. In case you forget what those looked like…


Overall, while the shine of the logos on the 2018 caps made them look sleeker, the 2019 designs remain nearly identical with a slight change to the side patch.

If you would like to purchase these new caps or see others from around the league, click here.

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  2. Can you buy these from some where?



    1. Yes, the link is at the bottom of the article



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