Southside Delivery Mailbag: May 1, 2019

Our Southsiders find themselves at 12-14, and playing much better ball as of late. Things are getting more and more exciting. Yoan Moncada has shown his potential, Jose Abreu is heating up, and a star has been born in Tim Anderson.

While it is great to see the club playing better ball, it’s just as exciting to see how many Future Sox are just waiting to be called up.

I thought it would be as good a time as any to answer questions from you all and make this a bi-weekly segment, so here it goes.

Chris Mac: Does Banuelos get the spot vacated by Santana?

Sure feels that way, doesn’t it? I know there is a lot of pressure for the club to use all that money they didn’t spend in the off-season and pick up a guy like Dallas Keuchel, but Manny sure has been up to the task in his first two starts. He has surrendered just 2 runs in those two starts, while striking out 10. There will be mounting pressure to bring up Cease, but I would stress that he needs more time down in the minors, before making such a drastic move.

Jordan Shiner: Is it too early to say that this rebuild has been a failure? If so, at what point should we consider trading for more prospects? (Colome, Herrera, Abreu, etc)

It depends on what you consider a failure? The fact that the White Sox have not been back to the playoffs since 2008? Their last winning season was in 2012? Those are definitely failures, but when evaluating a rebuild, you have to look at overall franchise depth. When doing that, you’ll see that the White Sox are set up to make some big noise over the next few seasons.

Sure, it will depend on how some of their young talent progresses. Moncada and Anderson are making an impact. Michael Kopech, assuming he comes back full health, should make an immediate impact as well. Then there is Eloy Jimenez, who I have no concerns with.

Look down to the minors, and you’ll see loads of talent just waiting for their names to be called up – Luis Robert, Dylan Cease, Zach Collins, Nick Madrigal.

It will be difficult to fully evaluate the rebuild until we see what this talent that Rick Hahn accumulated turns into.

Steven Schucker: When will we be seeing Dylan Cease in the majors?

He continues to dazzle down south, but he still needs more time. I would expect a later call up, similar to what they did with Kopech last season.

Terry Kenney II: What would your ideal (realistic) opening day 2020 roster look like? Opening day starter?

Love this question, because it allows a dreamer like me to dream. But since you said realistic, I’ll do my best.

Catcher: Zack Collins

First Base: Jake Burger

Second Base: Yoan Moncada

Third Base: Anthony Rendon (FA)

Shortstop: Tim Anderson

DH: Jose Abreu

Outfield: Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert, Josh Donaldson (FA)

Starting Pitchers: Gerrit Cole (FA), Carlos Rodon, Michael Kopech, Dylan Cease, Reynaldo Lopez

Opening Day Starter: Gerrit Cole

Kayz Russell: Will we ever sign a top fifteen pitcher?

Yes, please see above.

Michael Podgorny: When will Renteria and Coop get the boot they deserve?

I’m on record stating my displeasure with Ricky, but to be honest with you, we need to see how this season goes. You have to keep in mind that the White Sox struck out in the off-season after going after Manny Machado, so Renteria was left with a lot of what he had last season. Now the White Sox are rumored to be tossing around the idea of calling up some of the prospects earlier than expected. If Renteria can improve on last seasons results and continue to nurture these young guys, then perhaps he could be the right guy.

I’ve heard fans throw out names like Ozzie Guillen and Omar Vizquel, but frankly, if the White Sox want to look for someone else, I’d prefer someone from outside the organization and not a former player at that.

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