A potential rivalry continues to brew after Tim Anderson declares: “I don’t like the Royals”

After taking a pitch to the helmet earlier in the game, Tim Anderson  delivered a clutch RBI double in the 8th which scored the eventual winning run for the White Sox:


While the hit by pitch was likely unintentional, Jason Benetti astutely pointed out during the broadcast that the Royals’ intentional plunking of Anderson earlier in the season has eliminated any margin for error with their pitching staff for the rest of the season, especially when pitches to his head are concerned. Regardless, I must admit that watching Anderson hit that RBI double was one of the most satisfying moments of the rebuild. The Royals have been mind-numbingly hypocritical with their fun policing, and to see their #1 target cause them to lose a tight game was poetic justice.

After the game, Anderson made some interesting comments:

Fired up is a great way to describe him, as Anderson wasted no time in posting an image of his iconic bat flip against the Royals on Twitter and Instagram with a broom emoji as the caption following the sweep. Anderson’s rise both as a player and as a vocal leader for the team this season has been a terrific development, and his open disdain for the Royals is getting very entertaining. While neither of the two teams are particularly good (for now), the budding White Sox/Royals rivalry has at least brought some bonus excitement to their frequent divisional match-ups. I don’t remember disliking a divisional rival this much since the Twins were a giant pain in the ass from around 2002-2010.

And the best part of this relative to some of those Twins years, or many of the dramatic games against the Royals in recent seasons? The White Sox are actually winning, and at times dominating. It feels so much better to see comments like the ones Anderson just made following a sweep.

While you’re here, don’t forget to vote Tim Anderson (and Jose Abreu, James McCann, and Yoan Moncada) into the 2019 All-Star Game. Full instructions can be found at whitesox.com/vote.

Edit by Brandon Anderson

Featured Photo: Chicago Tribune


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