Danny Photography’s Top 20 Pictures of the 2017 Season

Many fans can attest to the fact that the Chicago White Sox have some of the most talented photography contributors in Major League Baseball. While it may be easy for South Siders to be a little biased, it's hard for many people to disagree with the statement. Danny Photography is among the popular photographers the ...

Moncada Mondays – 12/25/17

The sixth edition of Moncada Mondays

Photographer Laura Wolff’s Top Photos of the 2017 Charlotte Knights Season

It's no surprise that the Chicago White Sox have a plethora of young talent in their farm system. With countless players still developing, many of the highly ranked prospects will soon be making their appearances on the Triple-A Charlotte Knights as they await their promotion to the Major Leagues. As these players spend their time ...

“Machado Mania” Comes to an End… For Now

After a wild week of rumors, it appears that the Baltimore Orioles will not be trading Manny Machado, per Dan Clark. Sox On 35th confirmed with Clark who said, "no suitable offers were presented." This news comes shortly after Baltimore announced their closer Zach Britton ruptured his Achilles and will miss at least six months. ...

Moncada Mondays – 12/18/17

The fifth edition of Moncada Mondays

Thoughts on “Machado Mania”

Alright everyone, you can go back to focusing on work or studying for finals, because the rumors have calmed down significantly. In case you haven't been on Twitter in the past 48 hours (good for you for having the will power), you already know that the Baltimore Orioles were aggressively shopping 3B Manny Machado, who ...

Moncada Mondays – 12/11/17

The fourth edition of Moncada Mondays

Moncada Mondays – 12/4/17

The third edition of Moncada Mondays

Photographer Chris Tejeda’s Top 10 Photos of the Season

White Sox influencer and sports photographer Chris Tejeda is well-known for his great shots that are featured across social media. He is easily recognized by his handle on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (@FotoGenocide_). Since he has so many great photos from this past season, we tried to do the impossible and select his ...

White Sox Fans Sound Off on Jose Abreu Trade Rumors

On Wednesday, Jon Heyman reported that the White Sox were in active talks with the Red Sox and other teams about first baseman Jose Abreu. This rumor lead to many strong feelings from White Sox fans about whether or not the star player should be dealt. Here are a few of the opinions that we ...